Agricultural Methanization in France

Agricultural methanization projects are multiplying, and GRDF is even going so far as to announce that 90% of gas will be green within 10 years in Berry.

By launching the first methanization unit 1 year ago in Indre, in Villiers-les-Ormes, it is an entire region that the Méthavert company has proven the potential.

With Méthavert, a new path is opening up for Indre in terms of sustainable development. For the past few years, Eric Bergougnan and Vincent Guérin, farmers in the region, have been thinking about how they could change their farming system. It’s a way to diversify their activities that would allow them to suffer less from the repercussions of agricultural crises. This is how Méthavert was born 1 year ago, the first methanization unit by injection of the Indre.

The anaerobic digestion unit is located in Villiers-les-Ormes with a surface area of 2.5 ha. It consists of a digester equipped with two insulated and heated tanks with submerged and paddle mixers, a storage tank for the liquid digestate and a lagoon. For storage, a photovoltaic hangar and three silos measuring 10 meters by 100 were built.

The project represented a cost of 5 million euros. A significant investment, not to mention that it has not received any subsidy.

But the project is profitable, mainly thanks to a guaranteed sale price for gas over 15 years, which should ensure a return on investment in 7.5 years.

“90% green gas in the gas distribution network within 10 years: yes it is possible”

Katelle Choquet, external communication manager for Center Val de Loire GRDF.

One year after its commissioning, projects to recover agricultural waste to turn green gas into 100% renewable energy consumed locally are multiplying in the region. So much so that a diploma training course for methanization employees will soon be opened in Berry.

Indeed, since 2019, EPLEFPA of Bourges-Le-Subdray has been working on this project in partnership with the chambers of agriculture of Cher and Indre.

“The training of active and future actors in the methanization sector is a crucial short and medium-term issue for the professionalization and structuring of the sector”, underlined Aude Gressier, chamber of agriculture of Indre.

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