Bidfood Flanders running on CNG trucks

Bidfood Flanders has purchased eight Scania P280 CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) trucks. The trucks that run on natural gas will be used for the distribution of food and non-food to industrial kitchens.

“We often drive in cities and near schools, hence our choice for these environmentally friendly trucks.”

Fleet manager Dominique Binon

Bidfood Flanders from Kruibeke, Belgium, is a distribution centre specialized in commercial and social restoration and deliveries to regional wholesalers (hospitals, schools, hotels, fast food chains, petrol stations, company restaurants). The products are fresh, dry and frozen products.

“As a total supplier, our goal is to optimize deliveries as much as possible. We have customers we service daily but in most cases it is two to three deliveries per week. “

For that work Bidfood already uses trucks from Scania. 

“Because we serve mostly urban areas, we now want to introduce the gas trucks. These vehicles are more expensive to purchase but with incentives from the Flemish government they are profitable over a duration of six years, depending on the kilometers traveled.”

Bidfood Flanders chose the Scania P 280 CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) with a short cab. 

It is equipped with a 9-liter gas engine and has CNG tanks with a range of up to 600 km. Enough for our distribution work.

The on-board computer determines when the spark plugs have to be replaced or the oil has to be changed. Scania works with a flexible maintenance plan that depends on the use of the vehicle and the way it is driven. 

“Just like for our other trucks, we now also opt for a maintenance contract with Scania. We are very satisfied with the service of Scania Hamme. “

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