“Biogas Done Right” gains momentum in Italy

A dominant part of Italian agricultural biogas plants is deploying the “Biogas Done Right” concept.

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This was uncovered by a survey of 422 biogas producing farms in Italy. It includes a large number of members of the Italian Biogas Consortium (CIB).

The concept of “Biogas Done Right” is built around the growth of a secondary crop that is used to produce biogas, without impacting yield of the primary crop (cash crop). This concept is aimed to overcome negative land change impact of the use of energy and improve the soil use efficiency and farm sustainability.

72% of Italian biogas producing farms use the “Biogas Done Right” concept

Also, the residue from biogas production, the digestate, is used as biofertilizer, improving soil fertility through its mineral nutrients and carbon content.

The survey results show double-crop cultivation is a consolidated practice for “Biogas Done Right” farms. Of the sequential crop cultivations, over 70% are located in the Po Valley regions, which is where the concept was initially developed.

Piero Gattoni, president of the CIB, adds that 20 biomethane liquefaction plants are being developed on agricultural biogas plants. They are linked to the growing potential of sustainably produced biomethane. Of those, the first started operation in spring 2020. With a production capacity of 3 to 20 tons per day per single plant, these farms will be able to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions in heavy road vehicles across Italy.

More statistical information and project highlights on the role of renewable and low carbon gases in the European Union will be published by Gas for Climate.

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