CNG Connect – the Mobile CNG pipeline (MCP)

CNG Connect

CNG Connect is Drive Systems’ project to study and demonstrate a ‘Mobile CNG pipeline (MCP) ’. It is a concept to supply CNG to locations that are independent from the gas grid. The CNG is supplied from a mother station, where the CNG is produced from LNG. It is then stored into high-capacity CNG trailers.

These trailers shuttle between mother and daughter station. Due to the lack of a grid connection at the daughter station, the location can be chosen in a flexible and practical way. This allows the provision of CNG where is most needed as long as it is at a reasonable distance of the mother station.

CNG Connect

By using LNG as the main gas source, the MCP was supplied with high-quality gas. This results in best vehicle autonomy for the end-user. It is noticeable, especially compared to low calorific L-gas available from the grid in some areas.

For the operator of the LNG station, one important benefit is the positive impact of the CNG production on the pressure increase in the LNG tank. Hence, the boil-off issue is much more controlled and zero-vent policy can be achieved.

The project successfully demonstrated the concept of the MCP through more than 150 round trips. Furthermore, it allowed the dispensing of more than 650.000kg of CNG in about 3 years.

The aim is to further develop a network of mother and daughter stations and to switch to bio-CNG to further reduce the carbon footprint of our mobility. The concept allows to fill the trailers at a bio-gas plant that can serve as a mother station.

Now it is proven that the mobile pipeline can bring your CNG where you need it, even if there is no gas grid!

Here’s how CNG Connect works together step-by-step:

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