Driving School Running On CNG – Why Not

For a year, this driving school located in the Landes has been giving driving lessons in an automatic gearbox in a Seat Leon CNG , and will very soon expand its fleet with manual cars.

An engagement still too rare in the driving school sector, because it depends a lot on the proximity of refueling stations.

How did it all start in this driving school?

It all started when the local transporter, Peixoto, changed its entire fleet to CNG trucks. They had a supply station built on his land, located 100 meters from the driving school. This is what made the driving school think about gmobility’s application.

After studying the feasibility of purchasing a natural gas car, and its advantages, they found out that gmobility is much more economical than diesel, offers better comfort, similar performance and reduces emissions.

The school started with gmobility with just a single CNG vehicle to offer their students. This was the Seat Leon TGI, which has an automatic gearbox.

This Landes driving school runs on CNG
Source: gas-mobilite.fr

Currently, they have ordered Seat Ibiza NGVs with manual transmissions. Another, larger vehicle on order, is the Fiat Ducato CNG van, which will help them transport motorcycles for lessons.

All in all, with the new additions to the fleet, this school will have 50% of its vehicles running on gmobility.

Why gmobility?

The co-manager of the EC40 driving school, Hervé Dolier, shares that comparing with other options, gas is more economical and on top of that, the maintenance of the vehicles is cheaper.

A natural gas engine creates little friction, so the parts wear out less quickly than those of a diesel engine.

Another benefit for the school is that the Seat Ibiza TGI can go down to very low revs without losing power, which is essential for the students who alternate a lot between first and second gear when learning how to drive. On top of that the engine is noticeably quieter so this adds to the comfort of the instructors.

What is the challenge for driving schools?

Yes, gmobility offers a lot of benefits, however, there is one thing that keeps other driving schools from switching to NGVs.

This is the supply, according to Mr Dolier. If they had to do big detours to refuel, then this will make it much more difficult to have the school running on CNG.

Going forward

This school’s ambition is to switch all their vehicles on gmobility. NGV meets all of their expectations: it is virtuous, economical, and it is a good way to communicate and stand out!

Find out more at gas-mobilite.fr.

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