LNG – The sustainable fuel of the future, available today – Part 2

gmobility podcast episode 10

In this episode of the gmobility podcast we can go deeper into the topic of LNG and spend some time looking at the other side of the coin, so to say. In other words – the role of the gas infrastructure and the future of transport that LNG will enable.

When it comes to the role of infrastructure, it is necessary to keep in mind that it’s a complex system which Europeans have spent decades developing. Thanks to all this effort, the addition of sustainable fuel, such as LNG is possible, and we see significant development across the EU.

Today, this infrastructure serves not only road transport and heavy-duty trucks or buses but also maritime and railway transportation. It offers immediate climate benefits which support our European goals. Additionally, integrating renewable biomethane into the mix, we can achieve unparalleled CO2 emissions reduction, making LNG an essential fuel and technology for today and the future.

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