The Large Gas Family – Part 1

gmobility podcast episode 11

Gas, methane, autogas, propane, natural gas, biogas, butane, biomethane… are they different?

This week we are continuing the podcast  with the topic of ‘what exactly is gas’. We have already discussed some fundamental topics such as biomethane, the environment, air quality, emissions and heavy duty transport.

But it is essential to talk about the gas family since apart from methane (gmobility), there are other gases used in transport too.

So, you might have heard the terms ‘gas, methane, autogas, propane, natural gas, butane…’ and probably some others too. Probably you are wondering – if all these are gases, aren’t they all the same?

Or are they somewhat (or completely) different?

Find out in this episode and share with someone else.

This is the full article that we wrote on the topic.

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