Should I drive on CNG?


Today, we want to jump into a topic which will interest a lot of you listening to the podcast. We will discuss if you should drive on CNG.

Probably many of you are currently looking for a new car and are uncertain whether buying a diesel or even petrol car is a smart decision, now that a lot of cities are banning polluting cars.

This is certainly something that you might want to really consider and look into the local regulations that are in place in the city where you currently live. What is happening for some time now, is that many cities and municipalities pledge only certain types of vehicles.

If you have owned a car so far, you’d know which standard it has and whether it complies with the local regulations. It is possible, however, that we will be seeing cities banning petrol and or diesel cars altogether from their streets.

Luckily, there are CNG cars, running on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), which are cleaner and better for the environment. In this respect, cities allow them in their Low-Emission Zones and some even offer public transportation on CNG.

In this episode of the gmobility podcast we will talk about the practical side of driving on CNG. Let’s look together at what it is to have a CNG car, to use a public transport running on CNG and LNG, but also importantly, what benefits there are for heavy-duty transport on gmobility.

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