Green international mobility? Flixbus, Gasum and OrangeGas are here!

On Tuesday, 29th of June 2021, FlixBus announced that it launched the first international biogas-powered buses, which will start their routes on the 1st July 2021. The buses will run between Amsterdam and Brussels and Stockholm and Oslo. Their expected CO2 reduction is of 75%, compared to diesel-powered coaches.

Source: Flixbus

What are the new vehicles and on what will they run?

In the Amsterdam-Brussels route the coach is an Iveco running on compressed biogas (Bio-CNG). The route is realized in partnership with OrangeGas, which will provide the biogas. On the Stockholm-Oslo route, FlixBus’ partner is Gasum. This route uses liquified biogas (Bio-LNG) in a Scania coach.

Our vision is to offer sustainable mobility to everybody. Green-tech is at the core of our business and one of our key sustainability drivers. We ensure that the resurgence of travel is sustainable, and biogas is certainly one of the most important technologies to achieve this already today.

André Schwämmleinn – CEO of FlixMobility

The partnership is a result of a great co-operation between Gasum, FlixBus and Scania. Together we are building a cleaner future. We hope that in the near future biogas will become even more common as a fuel for busses as it reduces both carbon dioxide emissions and local emissions, making it a perfect choice to decrease the impact of public transportation to cities’ air quality.

Mikael Antonsson – Sales Director, Traffic Sweden, Gasum

In this way, both routes will operate on a completely renewable fuel, which is not only cost-effective, but also a low-emission alternative, which all transport companies can use in order to reduce their carbon outputs and costs. Moreover, it is expected that biogas adoption in collective travel will increase, as infrastructure availability improves due efforts from the EU.

To learn more about the available natural gas-powered vehicles, check the NGVA Catalogue.

This article is courtesy of FlixBus and Gasum.

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