HAM Groups celebrated the delivery of its 100 LNG refuelling station

On Wednesday, 30th of June 2021, HAM Group celebrated the delivery of its 100th LNG refuelling station in Saint Quentin Fallavier, France. The station is part of the growing network of LNG stations across Europe.

Source: HAM Group

The Group is involved in one in every four LNG stations in Europe!

According to NGVA Europe currently there are 430 LNG stations that allow refuelling of LNG vehicles across the EU (Map of LNG stations in Europe). This makes HAM Group one of the most active participants in the sector, since almost a quarter of the stations were designed, built, and commissioned by the Group. Many of them are also owned and operated by the company itself. The stations are located in eleven EU Member-States: Belgium, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland.

The use of LNG in transport represents an important tool to achieve climate neutrality because of the availability, safety and sustainability in comparison with traditional fossil fuels. LNG not only allows for significant fuel savings, but also drastically reduces emissions of fine particles, nitrogen oxides and CO2, thereby improving local air quality.

In the LNG refuelling sector since 2000!

HAM Group began its journey in the sector in the year 2000 in Spain with the purchase of ten trucks powered by LNG and by building the first LNG plant for refuelling the vehicles. In 2009 the company designed and built the first public vehicular natural gas service station in Abrera, Barcelona.

Currently the company is working on new concepts such as fixed and mobile service stations, which allow the rapid expansion of the infrastructure, while committing to bio-LNG, in the projects located in Vilanant (Spain) and Faenza (Italy).

This article is courtesy of HAM Group.

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