LNG supply begins in the port of Malaga

Recently, the port of Malaga completed its first refuelling of liquefied natural gas (LNG) on a ship. 

Source: malagahoy.es

The supply of LNG can only be carried out by this ship. This circumstance could now be extended to other ships in Baleària based on a license approved by the Board of Directors of the Port Authority.

Liquefied natural gas is the fuel that many shipping companies want to use on their ships. There are also security measures that need to be carried out when refuelling. For the moment, this is one of the biggest challenges that many ports have to overcome.

In the case of Malaga, with all the necessary premises to safely carry out the supply, the company that started supplying this past Monday was ESK. This company already carries out this type of operations in the ports of Barcelona, ​​Huelva, Sagunto and Valencia.

Executing a truck-to-ship refuelling called the Truck-To-Ship system, the tanker that supplied gas to Naples this past Monday came from Huelva, providing a total of 19,500 kilos of LNG. 

After this historical supply that has now started opens the possibility that other ships may have the option of refuelling liquefied natural gas in the Malaga port.

This article is courtesy of malagahoy.es.

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