New L-CNG stations now available in Portugal

The two new L-CNG stations are part of Eco-Gate Consortium Project and are now open and available for customers.

The main national infrastructure for natural gas in Portugal allows the transport of heavy goods, from Portugal to the European market and back without a problem.

The two new Portuguese stations are located in Palmela (Quinta do Anjo) and Maia (Moreira). Both are run by the Portuguese natural gas company Dourgás GNV, commited to the development of sustainable transport in the country. As a distributor, the Dourogás Group is present in 34 municipalities exploring a distribution network of more than 600 km.

The LNG current prices varies in the range of 0,625-0,65€ for Kg plus VAT. It includes an excise duty tax of 8,8€/MWh.

“The Dourogás Group is a national leader, both in market share and in the dimension of the network of gas stations for vehicular natural gas (CNG). We started this trajectory in 2012/2013 and today, after these years, we believe that we have given a considerable boost to the concept of sustainable mobility in our country.”

João Filipe Jesus, Dourogás Natural (Source: Eurotransporte)

João Filipe Jesus is the Managing Director of Dourogás Natural, a company in the Dourogás SGPS group, which manages the business and assets that exploit natural gas mobility.

About Eco-Gate

The two L-CNG stations are part of the Eco-Gate Consortium Project. The overall objective of the action is to study the efficiency improvement of conventional and renewable Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) market in the whole Atlantic Corridor (Portugal, Spain and France), the North Sea-Mediterranean Corridor (France) and the Spanish Mediterranean Corridor (Spain) through new technologies and innovative solutions for supply logistic services, cleaner fuels, refuelling infrastructure, vehicle and components manufacturers and operational processes.

This study, in the form of real-life trial, aims to allow quick deployment of LNG and CNG by significantly bringing the unit cost down while improving the understanding of the client’s needs.

“Today, we live in an increasingly demanding world with regard to environmental concerns. In fact, the National Energy and Climate Plan for 2030, points to a 20% clean energy target in transport.

At the same time, we have seen an increasing legislative density stimulating the reduction of carbon intensity in mobility, together with the conditions needed to implement the infrastructure for the supply of alternative fuels.

It is in this challenging context that we have been promoting a set of projects and investments in the area of ​​renewable gases, specifically with the production of biomethane from the purification of biogas resulting from the recovery of organic matter (waste). We are, and will want to be in the future, at the forefront of decarbonising transport and leading a green, online agenda.”

João Filipe Jesus, Dourogás Natural (Source: Eurotransporte)

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