NGV Trucks

When it comes to transporting goods and heavy-loads, both CNG and LNG are readily available and offer great flexibility.

Many European logistic companies have already chosen gmobility for their business because of the reduced costs, sustainability factor and availability.

In the sections below, you will find answers to some of the more commonly asked questions when it comes to CNG and LNG trucks and how they could be effectively used already today.

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There are both CNG and LNG trucks available to transport all types of goods. 

Typically, CNG is used for smaller trucks (although there are also those that could transport heavier goods too) in and between cities. 

When it comes to heavy loads, extended distances and the need for additional power, LNG is able to cover all those areas.

Therefore, each company can evaluate the offering available and make a decision according to their needs. Both CNG and LNG offer the same benefits in terms of sustainability and both could run on renewable gas.


For full details about all vehicles available on gas in Europe, please refer to NGVA’s Vehicle catalogue.

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