Pizza Hut delivery using 100% biogas in Finland

The Finnish branch of Pizza Hut has just integrated five cars running on natural gas from the Spanish brand Seat for its home deliveries.

Launched in the spring, these vehicles are distributed between the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Tampere. They mark the return of the home delivery activity of the brand, which stopped 15 years ago.

When we intended to restart our home deliveries, it was important for us to use biogas vehicles. A few years ago, the network of service stations was not yet sufficiently extensive. In the spring of this year, we noticed that the location of the existing gas stations was ideal and we jumped on the ball” Explains Johan Sirén, brand manager of Pizza Hut in Finland.

The vehicle used for sustainable delivery: Seat Arona TGI

To launch this new 100% biogas delivery service, the Pizza Hut teams opted for the Arona TGI, Seat’s first natural gas SUV. Equipped with a 90 horsepower engine capable of operating independently on petrol or natural gas, the Seat Arona TGI carries three CNG tanks.

Accumulating 13.8 kilos of capacity, they allow up to 400 kilometres of autonomy in gas use. In parallel, a small 9-litre petrol tank offers 160 km of additional range if needed.

Fueled by the network of biogas stations operated by Gasum, these vehicles are unanimous, both for drivers and customers. 

Our customers applauded our choice. Even if our vehicles can also run on petrol if necessary, we almost always intend to run on biogas,” said Johan Sirén.

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