Rolande is the first to introduce physical Bio-LNG in the Netherlands

The company achieves a 99.8% reduction in CO2 emissions from heavy road transport.

Rolande is the first LNG supplier in the Netherlands to offer Bio-LNG. Already, both Albert Heijn and PostNL have started using dozens of trucks that run on this fuel. Rolande’s bio-LNG provides CO2 emissions savings for heavy road transport of up to 99.8%.


“Our Bio-LNG is the first physical Bio-LNG in the Netherlands,” explains Jolon van der Schuit, CEO of LNG pioneer Rolande. 

It is an actual fully organic fuel made from certified waste streams, such as organic household waste, manure, sludge or agricultural waste. “By using our waste as a raw material for sustainable fuel, we contribute to the circular economy. All this, as with green hydrogen and electricity, results in a CO2 reduction of practically 100% compared to diesel.”

Cooperation Albert Heijn and PostNL

Van der Schuit: “Bio-LNG is now commercially available. With this introduction, we align with the ambitious sustainability goals of our customers. For example, we have started a collaboration with Albert Heijn to run 65 trucks on Bio-LNG. PostNL has also started with dozens of trucks, which in the beginning are running on a blend.” 

In practice, just like LNG, Bio-LNG, offers a range of up to 1,700 kilometres and an output of up to 460 hp, which is not inferior to a diesel truck. One of the key differences, however, is that an LNG truck is up to 75% quieter.

“The switch from LNG to Bio-LNG represents an important step in the short-term to achieve CO2 reduction,” said Peter Leegstraten, Manager Transport Expertise of Albert Heijn. 

“But also a little further in time, this fuel is important in the total of possibilities to cover longer distances as cleanly as possible.” More than 200 LNG trucks are now driving for Albert Heijn.

“During the trial, some of PostNL Transport’s trucks run on a mixture of normal LNG with 20% Bio-LNG,” a spokesperson for PostNL reported in “Data is collected for a year about, among other things, the use of the trucks and their fuel consumption. It would allow us to calculate how much the clean fuel reduces CO2 emissions.”

About Rolande and (Bio-) LNG

Based in Tilburg, Rolande is a pioneer and frontrunner in the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG). The focus is on making road transport more sustainable to contribute to a cleaner world. In recent years, ‘liquefied natural gas’ has been put on the map as a sustainable and affordable alternative to conventional fuels. Rolande develops, builds and operates its network of (Bio) LNG filling stations in Europe. 

LNG has been available in the Netherlands as a fuel for trucks since 2011. With this fuel, CO2 emissions can already be reduced by up to 20% compared to diesel. Bio-LNG is created by making LNG from biogas. This saves heavy road transport 99.8% in CO2 emissions compared to diesel.

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