Share #spotyourbioNGV pictures

We created this section to have a bit of fun and offer you the opportunity to share your images using the #spotyourbioNGV on social media.

We will feature some of the best images with the hashtag here.

Two trucks in one picture

CNG and LNG trucks will become more and more present in our cities as companies and municipalities recognise their important role to fight climate change effectively!

“I run on biogas”

Biomethane is the most relevant mobility solution for road long distance and heavy duty vehicles.

Widrikssons - 100% biomethane

100% biomethane

Driving on 100% biomethane shows that this company cares about the environment and reducing emisions today.


DPD on CNG in Paris

DPD running on CNG in Paris. A great example of how deliveries can be sustainable in a big European city.

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