Sustainable municipalities – Schaerbeek on gmobility

The municipality of Schaerbeek has just acquired 10 vehicles running on natural gas.It is now able to combine services to citizens and practice environmental responsibility!

Investing in a green fleet

For several years now, Schaerbeek has been committed to more sustainable mobility and has invested in the greening of its vehicle fleet.

Schaerbeek municipality continues its momentum and has acquired 10 vehicles running on natural gas.
Schaerbeek invests in a green fleet (Source

Now, the municipality continues its momentum and has acquired 10 vehicles running on natural gas. This gas used for gmobility (CNG) is the same gas we use to heat our homes. The new vehicles replace old diesel vehicles, which pollute much more.

Natural gas, is it green?

The town has decided to acquire CNG vehicles in order to maintain a quality fleet serving the daily needs of the administration. This way it will continue to reduce the fleet’s ecological footprint and gradually ban diesel when there are alternatives like gmobility available in the market.

Replacing diesel vehicles with natural gas engines is an investment that will reduce air pollution and represent a real lever for action to improve air quality. This is an initiative that is expected to continue to grow.

How will the new vehicles be used?

These CNG vehicles will be used by various municipal services, whether road or infrastructure services, but not only! They will also be made available to paracommunal non-profit organizations serving citizens, such as the “At your side” non-profit organization.

One way to set an example and who knows, to be replicated!

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