The European school of Laeken chooses CNG buses

The bus of the future runs on CNG

Our mobility is moving towards sustainability, which means that cities and municipalities are increasingly interested in CNG buses.


“With this, we offer a response to the requested energy transition,” says Stefan De Prycker from Keolis. 

Buses at CNG are nothing new. Cities and municipalities have had them in their parks for over thirty years.

Today, for example, there are 10,0000 buses in Belgium, but this number is increasing due to the many advantages: CNG is ecologically interesting, it offers a great driving distance – a big advantage over electric vehicles – and a large network of service stations has been developed in Belgium.


School transport

The Keolis bus company, with a fleet of more than 2,800 vehicles, is already convinced that using CNG buses in a great decision.

In its branch in Neder-over-Heembeek, it has put into service a few gas buses to offer them to its customers. The European School of Laeken uses the vehicles to transport pupils between their home and the school.

“With CNG buses, we are responding to the demanded energy transition and can reduce our emissions, first in cities, then in the countryside”, says Stefan De Prycker from Keolis. “The first results are very positive. I am convinced that other schools will follow.”

The Brussels municipality of Watermael-Boitsfort recently put six gas buses into service. The drivers are also totally convinced. “A CNG bus runs very well, makes less noise and is less polluting. It is really a pleasure to drive”, it seems. 


Besides CNG, there is also renewable gas, better known as bio-CNG. This will make a fleet of vehicles completely CO2 neutral. Bus manufacturer Iveco, which has twenty years of experience with CNG buses and has more than 5,500 planes in circulation in Europe, would like this to happen.

“If it is possible to use locally produced bio-CNG, future possibilities look quite attractive. Thus, the fleet will not only run ecologically, but jobs will also be created locally.

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