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Changing my car - sustainable, efficient and affordable

Have you ever considered changing your current car for a better, more efficient and environmentally-friendly one? You have probably considered factors like the cost of buying, maintaining and running the vehicle alongside the sustainability vehicles. Truth be told, once you start looking, there is so much choice that is hard to pick the right vehicle.

In this new article, we have prepared useful information that will hopefully help you if you are considering gmobility to your next personal or company vehicle. More than that, it will help you understand that it goes beyond personal vehicles. gmobility is already applied to both light and heavy-duty vehicles.

On this platform, we have already shown you the many benefits and different aspects of gmobility. Have you had the chance to go through them? Here’s a quick summary of what you can find on the website so far:

  • Why gmobility is important for the environment
    In the last decade, there has been a lot of research pointing to the need to reduce our CO2 emissions to mitigate and, if possible, cease the effects of climate change. In this article, we discuss what’s the role of transport.

  • We discussed the availability of infrastructure
    Like other alternative fuels also CNG needs a dedicated distribution infrastructure. In this article, we show you why operations are easy and so similar to conventional fuels.
  • Why it is affordable
    In this article, you will discover what it is to drive from Brussels to Milano on CNG. Would it be challenging or would you actually save money and emissions without compromising your trip? We build a case study for you exploring a realistic trip between these cities.

gmobility - gas vehicles on CNG and LNG

So, having talked about all these important topics, now it’s time to show you what vehicles are available already on the market.

Many of you are actually interested in the vehicles. This interest is obvious at industry events like the TEN-T days or commercial events, like any of the Motor Shows. There are thousands of people looking for their next vehicles, trying out the different models and looking for additional information.

Availability of vehicles

In reality, gmobility has been around for many years and vehicles have been featured on stands like the one at the Geneva Motor Show for years.

On this occasion, we have prepared a small publication, available on the NGVA Europe website, which is publicly available. NGVA Europe worked together with the manufacturers to put together this information in a concise catalogue combining light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles.

NGVA Europe vehicle catalogue

So, who are the manufacturers that produce gmobility vehicles?

This will probably be no surprise to you, but after a quick glance at the NGVA Europe’s catalogue, you will be able to see that some of the biggest manufacturers produce vehicles for the European market. 

Light-duty vehicles

The catalogue features 24 choices of passenger cars and 10 light commercial vehicles from the following brands: Audi, Fiat, Lancia, Opel, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen. 

Whether you are looking for a small city car to take you around town, do grocery shopping or travel to work and back, or you are looking for a larger car to make long trips more comfortable, the catalogue offers a lot of versatility and choice. 

Each vehicle is presented alongside some important information, such as engine power, CNG consumption per 100 km, fuel tank capacity, range and CO2 emissions. With this information, you can make an informed choice and ask your local dealership about any offers that they might be running.

Heavy-duty vehicles

A clean transport system

The catalogue features heavy-duty as well because this way it can provide a full and clear picture regarding the availability of both CNG and LNG. Professionals working in the logistics sectors find this information useful because it brings together all available vehicles powered by gmobility. 

Certain heavy-duty trucks are even available in both configurations – CNG and LNG, leaving the choice with the customer. Following the information that we have shared on environmental emissions and air quality, it is clear that we need a clean transport system of not just personal cars but all types of vehicles. gmobility offers this exactly.

Last, but not least, you can also see some other types of vehicles featured in the catalogue, such as buses and speciality trucks. This option presents cities and communities around Europe with the choice to invest in sustainable transport already today. By doing so, they will significantly reduce both CO2 and air pollutants.

For more information and to download the catalogue, head over to NGVA Europe and get it there. 

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